Q.   Will you have gluten free food?

A.   Yes,  we’ll have pizza, trail mix, popcorn, granola bars, oranges, bananas for those who need gluten free products.


Q.   I’m registered but want a print out of the schedule for the event.

A.   Our athletes guide is on the registration page.  It’s full of valuable information for your and your family.


Q. I’m registered but can’t run. Can I get a refund?

A. No.  Sorry you can’t make it this year.  We have a no refund policy other than active Military that has been called to duty.  We offer event insurance for this reason.


Q.  Can I switch categories?

A.  Yes.  You can switch your category on line or at the race.  All switching must be done by June 1.  After that – You will have to wait until you get to the event and make the switch with the timing company.

We can not guarantee that you’ll get the right  bib or medal at the finish line though if you wait until the last minute.


Q.  Can I transfer my registration to someone else?

A. Yes.  We offer that service.  Please email us -  Info@CharlevoixMarathon.com


Q.  I’m a slow runner.  Can I start early so that I cross the finish line by 1PM?

A. No.  We do not have an early start for slow runners. You will still be able to finish but on the sidewalk.  The timing mats will be gone by 1:00.  You can still report your times to  RF Timing.


Q.  What if I can’t finish by 1?  Will anyone be at at the finish line.

A.  No, the finish line crew will be gone at 1:05 (approx)   We will be in the park until around 2 with your medal.


Q.  Will this event sell out?

A.  I wouldn’t wait to register.  We never know if we’ll sell out.


Q.  Can I walk the  5K or 10K?

A.  Yes, you can walk/run the 5K and the 10K.


Q.  Can I run with my child in a stroller?  Can I pull the kids in a wagon?  Can my kids run with me.

A.  Yes  to strollers -but only in the 5K category.    NO other wheeled items are allow on the course to include skates.

A.  Kids on the course – Yes, they can run as long as they are registered for the event.  We can not allow non paying/registered people on the course.   We have youth size shirts!


Q.  Can I run with my dog?

A.  No. WE LOVE our animals but not everyone else does.  Please do NOT bring Fido or Fluffy to the race. You will not be permitted to have them on the course.


Q.  Can someone else pick up my packet?

A.  Yes, we allow others to pick up packets.  Actually we prefer that they do.  It shortens the lines.  Our tents are lay out by the alphabet.  It’s by your last name.   Easy to find.


Q.  Do you have a bag check area?

A.  No need.  Any where you park is close to the start line.


Q.  When will our times be posted?

A.  All times will be posted immediately on our monitors or on the RF Timing site.


Q.  What if I win an award in my age group or overall?  Will you mail it to me?

A.  No, the awards to breakable.  They’re worth the wait after you’re done.


Q.  Will there be an official photographer there?

A.  Yes- Not just one but 5.  They will be taking your pictures on the course, at the finish line and when you receive  your award.   The best spots for your family to see you is listed in our athletes guide.  There’s several amazing spots.  Links to the photos can be found on our gallery page.


Q.  Can I switch my shirt size?

A.  Yes but after the race is over. We have ordered according to your registration and will have only a few left over.

A.   Prior to the event – All switching must be done by June 1.  You can do it yourself on your registration site or email us at  Sharon@goodboyevents.com


Q.  Will you have race specific merchandise for sale at the expo?

A.  You betcha.  We have amazing stuff in the Air Conditioned  merch  building.   Jewelry, hats, shirts, jackets, and MORE!!!


Q.   Will there be restaurants open early on race day?

A.    Yes,  several of the restaurants in town will be open starting at 5 AM.

Smoke on the Water – Park Ave -  5 AM

The French Place  – Bridge St -  5:30 AM

Scovies – Bridge St – 11:00 AM

Simonson’s – Bridge St -

Others can be found on www.charlevoix.org








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