We are happy to announce that the 2018 Charlevoix Marathon and Half Marathon will offer pacers.    If you are interested in running with one of the groups, you may indicate this when registering OR  look for them at the start line.

Half Marathon Times

1:37 (7:26/mile)

1:45 (8:00/mile)

2:00 (9:09/mile)

2:15 (10:52/mile)

2:30 (11:26/mile)

2:45 (12:35/mile)

Marathon Times

3:15  (7:26/mile)

3:30 (8:00/mile)
3:40 (8:23/mile)

3:56 (9:09/mile)
4:30 (10:52/mile)
5:00 (11:26/mile)
5:30  (12:35/mile)






Are you interested in being a pacer?  Contact us for more information –

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