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Race Results will be published on the monitors in the packet pick up area during and final results immediately after each category/ race is over at


At this year’s Charlevoix Marathon we will be providing on course tracking of runners at the 13.1 Mile for Marathon runners and Finish line for all runners.  You will be able to track your family and friends progress in the Marathon on your smartphone.  Type in on your smartphone browser and enter their name or Race Number.  Select their Results under their Name to view their results or Track to watch their progress in the Race.  You can follow multiple runners by searching for their Name/Race Number and selecting Track.  For complete results, and more Live Tracking, go to and select Charlevoix Marathon under the 2017 Results tab.

Note from RFEventservices Please follow these steps.  This can effect your time registering.
Race number should be pinned, horizontally on the OUTSIDE of any jacket or clothing on the FRONT, below your chest and as close to the waist as possible. Water carriers or gel packs near the number can also affect the read. Wearing the number visibly on the front will insure a finish time even if the equipment fails due to video back up.

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